– Join us in propagating the knowledge and supporting one another to adopt a healthier lifestyle

– The rate of obesity and diabetes type 2 is on the rise in the region.

– As per a comprehensive review by The Lancet; the Kingdom ranked third in the world, after Malta and Swaziland, in terms of obesity.

– Every one in three people in KSA is obese.

– The kingdom along with Kuwait and Qatar also ranks third in the world in regards to prevalence of diabetes type 2

– Latest scientific research and data suggest that a major cause of obesity is increased consumption of refined sugar and carbohydrates

– Our carbohydrates should come from sources such as fruits and non-starchy vegetables

– Increased consumption of white bread, pasta, cereals, crackers, cookies, muffins, cakes, donuts, croissants, fatayer, kunafa…etc. leads to a marked increase in our glucose and insulin levels which stimulates the liver to synthesize lipids.

– Use the HashTag: “#LowCarbKSA and #FitnessArabika”, to contribute to Low carb dishes, recipes, pictures, and ideas.

– Together we can make a difference in decreasing chronic health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, Heart disease, hypertension and much more.

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