5 Fitness Tips For Busy Working Moms

Most of you who have had the blessing of being a mom and working a part time or full time job have faced at some point of your life the difficulties and challenges of juggling all aspects of life and keeping it all together. The inner desire to be the perfect homemaker, ideal mom, and best employee of the year (every year!!) pushes our fitness and health goals right to the bottom of our wish list. Being in the same situation my self; I can totally rely…
Following are some of the simple tips that have helped me stay on track and bring me closer and closer to achieve better health

1- Plan, Plan, and Plan your meals for the week.

Just as we would plan for a big event such as a dinner party, an upcoming vacation, or a cousin’s wedding… you need to plan your meals for the upcoming week in advance. Take sometime during the weekend, decide on a couple of healthy dishes and meal prep (more to come on meal prepping in future posts). Plan out your main meals and snacks.
Depending on your schedule, you can meal prep once or twice a week. This way you will always have some healthy options on hand and will not dive in to your kid’s snack cabinet when that pesky hunger attack strikes!

2- Pack your lunch for work.

Mornings can be hectic. You are multitasking and juggling so many logistics just like the Chicago O’hare airport watchtower!! Trying to get the kids ready for school, preparing their lunches, feeding your toddler, getting yourself ready, and maybe finalizing that PowerPoint presentation that you have to deliver! Among all this shemozzle we tend to forget to nourish our own body!
You don’t want to end up in the cafeteria and ordering a platter of burger and fries or at the vending machine.
Make it a point to pack your healthy lunch either the night before or in the morning along with a snack.

Aim to have low carbs, moderate proteins and a good helping of healthy saturated fats (e.g: avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, eggs…etc.)

The low amount of carbs and higher fat will keep your insulin levels stable and not lead to the sharp spike and dip in glucose levels. This helps to keep you alert and focused during the day and will not cause the post meal sleepy feeling we all get after a heavy meal full of carbs!

3- Take small walking breaks at work

Studies state that prolonged sitting might be just as bad as smoking!
Researchers suggest that you get up and take short walks every 30-40 minutes.

Read more here an article by Susan Scutti from CNN titled: “Yes, Sitting too long can kill you”

You can also utilize your lunch break and go for a brisk power walk.
If you have to be in business attire at work keep comfortable pair of shoes that you can change in to.
Casual, brainstorming meetings with a colleague can be “walking meeting”. This is proven to encourage more creative ideas, be less stressful and clears up brain fog.

4- Workout with your kids

If you are like the majority of moms and have no time, stamina, or the budget to join a gym; don’t worry!
You do not need to work out for more than 20-30 minutes; three times a week, in the comfort of your living room with minimal or no equipment and best of all…. You can workout with your kids.
Kids tend to enjoy hopping around, kick boxing and jumping jacks a lot.
Use this workout time to have some fun, bond and see the extra weight shed off!

5- Don’t stress over petty things

Stress is one of the major causes of obesity and ill health.
Stress causes increase in cortisol level, which is directly related to increase in Insulin levels.
Insulin is the “Fat Hormone”. It is scientifically proven that increase in insulin level  leads to increase in body fat and specially that pesky belly fat!

Watch below  Youtube videos by Dr.Eric Berg where he brilliantly explains these concepts.

How not to stress is out of the scope of this post, however try to find ways to solve your problems rather than pushing them away. Get guidance and seek help. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people.

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